Newton's 1st Law of Motion

By Alexis Clement

Newton's 1st Law of Motion

A year ago today we were on the drive to move to Texas 😱 I can’t even believe it’s already been a year. The decision to move was purely based on a good feeling & not knowing what to do next.

Over a year ago we had been in the middle of purchasing a business thinking we would stay in St. George possibly forever. After months and months of time working on that business - all day and night... literally into early hours of the mornings, and after lots of money spent remodeling, paying attorney frees to draft contracts, etc. The seller decided to back out last minute. We were FORCED to take a step back and decide what direction we should go next.

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion (basically) is that an object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an outside force. There have been multiple times in my life and our married life that we’ve just so clearly felt like we would have just stayed in motion, going through a routine, living a pretty happy life sure, but not progressing the way we want to until an outside force stopped us and we had to reconsider our direction.

Life since moving to Texas has been a much heavier load by far. Living in St. George, and owning a little local business could have been a happy life for us. But how grateful I am everyday for the life we are experiencing here and now instead.

A year ago we never imagined how much more depth we could have in our marriage, church experience, relationship with God, business endeavors and just life in general.

It’s almost been two years since we were stopped in our tracks while purchasing that business in St. George. Since then we have honestly had a good 3 or 4 other “outside forces” stopping our motion causing us to step back and reconsider. But I’ll save those for another time 🙃 It hasn’t been sunshine every day. But I will say the sunshine has been much, much brighter because of the experiences that caused us to reconsider, redirect, and begin again.

I feel grateful now for these types of experiences! 🙌🏼 What a blessing it is in life to have sellers back out of deals! There is so much goodness and depth ahead every single time an outside force stops our motion.





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